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5 Benefits Of AC Maintenance

Published March 17, 2023

5 Benefits Of AC Maintenance

After a chilly winter season, spring weather has finally arrived! The springtime motivates some homeowners to freshen up the exterior of their homes and deep clean the inside. When making your spring cleaning to-do list, be sure to include air conditioning maintenance. While it is important to start a new season with a refreshed home, it is equally important to prepare your AC unit for the workload the summer and spring seasons can bring. In this blog, we discuss the importance and benefits of AC maintenance in Newport Beach, CA and surrounding areas.

What Is Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Your air conditioner is one of the most important aspects of your home in the warm seasons, because it ensures your home comfort remains. Much like an oil change or doctor’s visit, AC units need to be seen by a professional once a year to ensure everything is working properly. Air conditioning maintenance allows a trained Absolute Comfort technician to inspect each component and repair parts as needed. It can be hard to identify when an air conditioner needs repair, and our technicians can catch problems ahead of time to save your comfort. We recommend scheduling AC maintenance in the spring, because it allows enough time for AC repairs or replacements before summer temperatures are here to stay. Spring AC maintenance ensures your air conditioner is ready the moment you need it with few needed repairs in the future.

If a technician identifies an underlying malfunction before, it can save your home from an uncomfortable breakdown.

Is AC Maintenance Necessary?

Picture this: Temperatures are rising outside and quickly heating up your home during the day. You go to turn on your air conditioner, and the system will not turn on or it is blowing warm air. Your home becomes more uncomfortable with each minute that passes, so you called an Absolute Comfort technician for help. Our team is always there for you in a moment of need, but scheduling AC maintenance in the spring could have avoided this situation.

Another scenario could be you turn on your air conditioner after a long winter, and it seems to be working fine. A few weeks pass of cooling your home, and you suddenly receive a high monthly utility bill. Chances are your air conditioner is obstructed or malfunctioning and causing high cooling costs.

Spring AC maintenance is an investment in your home to avoid high bills or costly repairs in the long run. We catch problems before they affect your comfort or piggy bank. With over 30 years of HVAC experience in Newport Beach, CA and surrounding areas, we promise our technicians have seen these scenarios happen a variety of times! Air conditioning maintenance is necessary to keep your home cool and your AC unit efficient for the duration of its lifespan.

What Are The Benefits Of Air Conditioning Maintenance?

As we mentioned, air conditioning maintenance is an essential service each year to ensure your AC unit is working efficiently and effectively. Scheduling AC maintenance offers a variety of benefits to you, your home, and the system itself. Below we have listed five benefits of AC maintenance.

  • Lengthens Unit Lifespan
  • Lowers Utility Bills
  • Increases Home Comfort
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Provides Peace Of Mind

Lengthens Unit Lifespan

The average air conditioner lasts anywhere between 15-20 years if well maintained. As an air conditioner ages, it decreases in efficiency and experiences wear and tear on components. Once your AC unit hits double digits, it may require more repairs and attention. If an older air conditioner is operating with an underlying issue, it can damage other components and decrease its lifespan each time. As you may know, air conditioning units can be costly upfront, and it is important to keep yours running efficiently for as long as possible! If you take care of your air conditioner, it will take care of you in return.

Lowers Utility Bills

As we mentioned, underlying air conditioner repairs can lead to high utility bills each month. Whether your air conditioner has a malfunctioning part or a dirty air filter, the issue causes the unit to work harder and use more energy to effectively cool your home. The more energy used, the higher your cooling costs will be. We can catch underlying problems with a quick AC maintenance appointment and keep your cooling costs to a minimum!

Increases Home Comfort

If you have experienced an AC breakdown in Newport Beach or surrounding areas, you know how uncomfortable your home can feel. Many who have never experienced an air conditioning problem underestimate the discomfort it can bring, especially when sleeping. Air conditioning maintenance ensures your cooling unit is ready to provide your home with your desired temperature with no surprises.

Fewer Repairs

Your air conditioner sits all winter long until the spring season heats up. Without regular air conditioning maintenance, your AC system could have damage from winter temperature or debris. It may experience a variety of other issues and lead to multiple repairs. Air conditioning maintenance catches problems early before they result in costly and uncomfortable repairs all summer long.

Provides Peace Of Mind

The spring and summer season brings a variety of activities, such as vacations for some. While on vacation, the last thing homeowners want to worry about is their air conditioner breaking down. Additionally, homeowners should not have to worry about experiencing an air conditioning breakdown during a heat wave or hot and muggy temperatures in Orange County, CA. AC maintenance ensures you can avoid a stressful and uncomfortable situation this summer.

The technicians at Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning are here to keep you cool this summer! For air conditioning maintenance in Costa Mesa, CA and surrounding areas, give us a call! While we recommend scheduling maintenance in the spring, it is never too late to service your air conditioner in Newport Beach.

For Professional Heating & Cooling Services in Costa Mesa, CA Contact Absolute Comfort at 949-240-8560, Or Request Service Online.

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